C&C Wins Gulf of Mexico AUV Survey Projects from Shell

Shell International Exploration & Production, Inc. recently awarded the Magnolia, Habanero, Llano, and Glider AUV survey projects to C&C Technologies. These Gulf of Mexico prospects range in water depths between 2,000 to 3,500 feet and require high-resolution survey data for field development purposes.

As recognized by Shell and substantiated by more than 20,000 linear kilometers of commercial mapping to date, C & C's AUV provides superior reliability and more accurate data than deep towed systems while reducing survey time by over 70 percent. Detailed data including multi-beam bathymetry and imagery, chirp side-scan sonar, and chirp sub-bottom profiler data will be collected over Shell's prospects by C & C's AUV. These data will be transmitted from the AUV to the support vessel in real-time, thus allowing Shell engineers to make informed pipeline route decisions and perform on-the-fly quality assurance.