Ikona Secures $300,000 Order for Mud Pump Drives

Ikona Gear International, Inc. has received a $300,000 purchase order for its Two-Speed Mud Pump Drive from a Saskatchewan-based equipment integrator of oilfield equipment.

"Our lead products target the oil and gas industry, which is enjoying significant global expansion," commented Ikona CEO and President Laith Nosh. "Here in Canada, we are pleased to see strong indications of renewed growth and activity developing in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, that will boost the sales of our family of compact, lightweight Mud Pumps Drives, Drawworks and Speed Increasers."

Ikona's Mud Pump Drives are an integral part of Ikona's innovative oil and gas product offering, which also includes the Ikona Drawworks, Hydraulic Clutch Power Takeoff and Speed Increasers. Ikona's compact, lightweight oil and gas products offer customers considerable competitive advantages with respect to performance, efficiency, operating and relocation costs.

"This is the second order we have received from this integrator," stated Ikona's Executive Vice President Joe Vosburgh. "We believe this reinforces the superior design, features and end-user benefits provided by our Mud Pump Drive product line -- an indication that the market is demanding innovative, cost effective oil and gas rig technology."

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