TGS and A2D Bring Tier 1 Data Center Online

TGS-NOPEC and its subsidiary, A2D Technologies, have implemented a co-location hosting facility that strengthens the current online data center through improved access, security, redundancy and centralization of data and applications.

The company has contracted Sprint E-Solutions to host well log assets and critical Internet applications at their Denver, Colo., facility. This facility utilizes the highest technical and structural capabilities in the industry. Redundant power supply, automated environmental monitoring, highly secured intrusion and access control, and 24x7 staffing are complemented by the consistent global network architecture.

The initial application to be hosted at the facility is A2D's LOG-LINE Plus!(TM), which not only allows customers to acquire new well log data through an e-commerce portal but also provides a tool for the management of their proprietary well log data. By moving the LOG-LINE Plus! application to the co-location facility A2D technologies now offers the industry with efficient access to critical data with unparalleled security and redundancy.

"This co-location implementation represents a continuation of technical leadership for TGS-NOPEC and A2D, and provides our customers a secure and robust environment in which to both acquire and maintain their data," said David Hicks, CTO for TGS-NOPEC. "The release of the new LOG-LINE Plus! application is the first step in our ongoing strategy to provide industry-leading applications that provide our customers with access to the data they need to be successful in the most secure environment available. We will continue to deploy additional data types through this enterprise and provide an integrated data mechanism for access and delivery of crucial data for the oil and gas industry."