WWW Dot Here We Come: Petrobras Launches Global Website

Petrobras is launching its global website, www.petrobras.com, consolidating its international presence over the Internet. With information on the company's performance in 27 countries, in four continents, the site reflects Petrobras' vision for 2020: to be one of the world's top five integrated energy companies.

The site will help to communicate Petrobras' global vision and its presence to users world-wide. "Petrobras.com reasserts Petrobras' communication strategy of positioning itself as an integrated energy company with international performance," said Patricia Fraga, Multimedia manager for Petrobras' Institutional Communications department.

A unique editorial and visual line has been created based on the Petrobras.com project, one that seeks not only to harmonize the language used among the Petrobras websites in the different countries where it performs, but also to facilitate the user's browsing experience. From the day of the launch onwards , Petrobras' website in Brazil (www.petrobras.com.br) will also be in line with the company's new global Internet identity.

The Petrobras.com site has English, Portuguese, and Spanish versions, and the language will set itself automatically based on the user's browser standard. Users who access the site from a country where Spanish is spoken, for example, will have the content available to them in Spanish. The same will happen for Portuguese, which will be the standard for the browsers in Portuguese-speaking countries. The content will default to English in all other countries.

The website also complies with the main accessibility recommendations set forth by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the international agency that coordinates these rules' elaboration and standardization. One of the measures is allowing the use of screen-reading programs, which turn texts posted on the Internet into voice, rendering the site accessible to visually impaired users as well.