RAE Systems New Device Improves Oil Workers' Safety

RAE Systems Inc. introduced the ToxiRAE 3 family of single-gas monitors and the AutoRAE Lite bump test and calibration station. ToxiRAE 3 features a stainless-steel front cover to withstand harsh environments and is currently available in three models: hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and high- and low-range carbon monoxide (CO). These toxic-gas monitors carry U.S., Canada, EU and global IECEX safety certificates for use in hazardous environments in the global oil, gas production, refining, steel and first responder markets.

"The ToxiRAE 3 joins RAE Systems' other gas monitoring products in providing real results in real time by offering the fastest instrument response time in a single gas monitor," said Lisa Mork, director of marketing for RAE Systems. "The ToxiRAE 3 also has a rugged stainless-steel cover for use in dirty industrial environments."

"The AutoRAE Lite bump test and calibration station work together with the ToxiRAE 3 to quickly and easily check for proper alarm levels and to calibrate as required," said Thomas Negre, director of instrumentation products for RAE Systems. "The AutoRAE Lite will also be a favorite product for large corporate users who want to keep records of all calibration and alarm data."

All three ToxiRAE 3 monitors have end-user configurable operating-modes as either "operating days remaining" or "gas concentration" display mode. The detectors all feature multi-phase alarms (vibration, 95dB siren and flashing light) for Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL), Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposure and high/low alarms. The ToxiRAE 3 is designed to be used continuously in environments with temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 degrees C (-4 to +140 degrees F) and has an IP67 waterproof rating.

The ToxiRAE 3 H2S has a measurement range of 0.1 to100 parts per million (ppm). The ToxiRAE 3 CO is available in measurement ranges of either 0 to 500 or 0 to 1999 ppm. All three products can store up to 10 alarm events for later reference. The U.S./Canada intrinsic safety certification covers operating zones C1D1 Groups A, B, C, D and T4. The EU certification is for ATEX II 1G EEX ia T4.

The convenient AutoRAE Lite bump test and calibration station is small enough to be installed where it is needed, even wall mounted, and provides a fast, 12-second bump test or a full calibration in two minutes.

AutoRAE Lite is available now. The ToxiRAE 3 is now available in packages of one, ten or one hundred. For more information on these new products, visit our websites at www.raesystems.com/products/toxirae3 for English and Spanish, www.raesystems.fr for French, www.raesystems.de for German or www.raesystems.kr for Korean.