Long Road Pays Off: Tekoil Spuds First Exploration Well in Newfoundland

Tekoil & Gas Corporation reported the spud of exploration well Glori E-67. Contract work was awarded to Newfoundland owned and operated, P. Sullivan & Sons Co. Ltd. to set conductor casing. The company said that drilling began on January 14, 2008, and it is estimated this onshore portion of the program will take 20 days to complete.

Tekoil's Chairman and CEO, Mark Western said: "This is a true milestone in our young company's history, following two and a half years of exhaustive planning. Exploration in western Newfoundland has been one of our goals since inception, and we have finally made it."

Ptarmigan Resources Ltd. ("Ptarmigan") has mapped four prospects within the Ordovician carbonate platform in the Foreland Basin, and farmed out to Tekoil in January 2007. In addition to the Foreland Basin setting, Ptarmigan has also mapped two prospects in the hanging wall of the regional thrust, and these prospects are comprised of the same Ordovician carbonate reservoir systems. It is within the hanging wall that Glori E-67 will be drilled.

On completion of Glori E-67, Tekoil and Ptarmigan have agreed Tekoil's commitment to earn a 33.3% interest in the offshore license EL #1069 will be fulfilled. The completion of Glori E-67 also meets the commitments set forth by the Canada-Newfoundland & Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB) that allows Ptarmigan/Tekoil to extend the license EL #1069 through January 2011.

Final approvals for Glori E-67 are ongoing and are expected to be granted prior to the drilling of the surface hole by the Tek #1 rig. Tekoil is working closely with both the C-NLOPB and the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources (NLDNR) in order to follow all procedures to ensure Glori E-67 is drilled in a safe and efficient manner.

EL 1069 is located on a well-established Ordovician carbonate platform trend that extends along a regional continental passive margin -- stretching from Texas, through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Appalachians into New York, and finally into Western Newfoundland. These same reservoirs account for numerous large oil and gas fields in those areas where they have been more thoroughly explored. Newfoundland is an extension of that trend. Only six deep exploratory wells have been drilled in western Newfoundland, the first of which was drilled in 1994, and tested oil from the Ordovician Carbonates at rates exceeding 2,500 barrels/day.

The company said that these are not developed prospects and as an exploratory well, there can be no assurances that Glori E-67 will become a commercial producer or that drilling difficulties won't arise. The area is highly petroliferous and numerous oil seeps occur on the surface and in water wells, and there is also an exposed ancient oil field on the surface at Port au Choix that has been exposed through erosion. Together, these are good indicators of a highly prospective area.

In addition, future activity by Tekoil with respect to its interest in EL 1069 will depend on its ability to finance them.