Exact Energy Resources Commits to Exploration Program

On behalf of Exact Energy Resources, Inc. President Rod Burns, P. Eng., reports that the Company has committed to a natural resource exploration program to establish the economic parameters of the mining leases that it has negotiated to acquire. More particularly, the company will be putting in place a development team to both acquire additional leases and establish conventional economic valuation.

Dr. Hansen, as president and owner of Keystone Surveys, Inc. which provides engineering, surveying and technical design services to the mining industry, will direct the company's efforts with respect to this exploration and acquisition phase of development. Keystone owns and manages approximately 4,000 acres of privately owned mining and oil/gas properties situated in Juab, Utah.

"We are looking forward to the direction that Dr. Hansen can provide our company", said Rod Burns, president. "As the CEO of Centurion Mines Corporation, Dr. Hansen was responsible for management of all the affairs of the company, including SEC compliance, accounting, and top-level technical supervision of company activities. It is this level of experience and expertise that the Company is looking forward to in our current stage of acquisition and development" he continued.

With the expanded focus of technological development as well as natural resource exploration and commercialization, the company has initiated efforts to augment its management team. "We are seeking to add significant depth to our organization, including skills related to natural resource development and financing", remarked Burns. "We are very excited about this stage of our corporate growth and development. We believe that the diversification efforts that we have initiated will serve the company well, particularly given the recent turmoil in the commodities markets."