Regions Oil & Gas Future Plans Unveiled

Regions Oil and Gas unveiled its future plan. Regions Oil faces challenges in the coming weeks as it works on the implementation of its business plan.

A name change with a new company website is expected in about 3 weeks. The website will include a News page that will include all company press releases, a Blog page where the company will post updates and a Financial page where the company financials will be posted as well as information on the company and contact information.

A hotline line number for shareholders to leave messages for management. Management will make its best effort to respond but will also use the Blog to answer questions.

There are potential acquisitions being discussed with no additional information for public release as requested by the potential subsidiaries.

Mr. Papaleo has been appointed interim President & CEO and a new President will be appointed in the coming weeks. Also, the company asked that you not contact Mr. Papaleo with questions about the company as he is unable to answer any questions due to his Executive temporary status.

After further review, it was discovered that non revenue producing Oil Leases are part of the asset list of Regions and the company will release and post complete detailed financial statements on the company's new website within the next 30 days.

The company strategy will continue as a holding company. The strategy is simple; diversify holding, acquire companies, assist with business development, grow the company infrastructure, assist with marketing to increase revenues and profits and evaluate for a possible reporting status and reach the OTCBB.