Breakthrough in Oil Spill Cleanup, Designed by MOP

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. has completed an Asset Purchase Agreement and Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement for worldwide rights to manufacture, market, sell and distribute MOP Maximum Oil Pickup products, services, machinery and technology.

MOP Maximum Oil Pickup patented technology offers breakthrough technology for the ultimate global answer to oil spill recovery and enables pickup of large oil spills, without the usual exorbitant cost. Instead, MOP technology allows recovery of spilled oil at a significant profit.

It uniquely recovers spilled oil for reuse at less than 25 cents a gallon while protecting wildlife, plants and the environment ... recovered oil is ready to be reused, cleaner than before it was spilled.

Having met the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for approval in oil-spill clean-up operations on land and waterways, MOP offers the lowest-cost, highest-performance product available for recovery of oil spills.

Future news releases will describe MOP Maximum Oil Pickup products, oil recovery tools, technology and equipment.

Charles Diamond, MOP's newly appointed President and board member, was quoted saying, "This will allow us to focus our technology to help cleanup of the largest oil spills on our planet. We are excited about offering an important breakthrough for the remediation and reclamation industry and foresee strong growth potential in this market."

"Mr. Diamond's passion and belief in his products is nothing short of contagious," says Edward C. Heisler, MOP's CEO. "Entering into these agreements is an important step forward for the company. The technology is amazing."