BG Looking for a Few Good Companies to Acquire 2 North Sea Gas Discoveries

IndigoPool reports that BG is offering interested companies the opportunity to acquire two North Sea gas discoveries, and to farm in to an exciting Moray Firth prospect, with significant resource potential.

The Artemis Field discovery (Block 47/3b) has gross GIIP of 200 BCF, with upside potential of an additional 100 BCF in the adjacent undrilled Artemis East prospect.

The Courageous discovery (Block 30/2a Post-Tertiary Area, and Block 30/1b(N)) is a shallow relief four-way dip-closed structure that is situated in the distal portion of the Forties turbidite system in a proven fairway that includes the Blane and the Cod Fields. P50 in-place volumes for the Courageous structure are estimated at 180 BCF gas plus a 37 MMBBL oil leg.

The Volante prospect (Blocks 20/2b and 20/3d) is located in the highly productive Moray Firth area, and is close to the Ettrick Oil Field. Volante is a Lower Cretaceous Punt Member fan-shaped sand, which is stratigraphically trapped within canyon geometry, as defined on 3D seismic. Recoverable resource is estimated at up to 188 MMBOE.

An Online Data Room (ODR) will be available until the 12th of March, 2008.