Shell U.K. and BP Awarded 4D Seismic Contracts to RIL

Reservoir Imaging Ltd (RIL), the 4D seismic software services consultancy based in Edinburgh, Scotland is pleased to announce the award of major contracts from Shell U.K. Ltd and BP for projects in the North Sea during 2008. The company will be advising on the implementation of all aspects of these 4D seismic surveys from initial design and planning through to quality control (QC), either on board the vessels or remotely from onshore.

One of RIL's key contracts this coming year will be work on Shell U.K. Ltd's 4D surveys to be acquired on two producing Central North Sea Fields as part of the oil company's reservoir management strategy. RIL will assist in the planning and perform infield QC as well implement its proprietary field-based GIS system designed to optimize survey repeatability.

RIL's rapidly growing clientele in the last three years has been assisted by its GIS database approach to 4D seismic projects. The company's objective has been to develop a method of isolating all the contributing elements to a 4D seismic survey so that they can be accurately measured for comparison purposes with previous and future surveys over the same reservoir. Project information on crucial variables such as the acquisition technology, survey geometry, and the steering and feathering of the towed streamer recording equipment is logged for future reference so that any subsequent survey can repeat the same parameters. By building a global GIS database RIL provides oil companies with a key resource to ensure the 'repeatability' of their 4D seismic surveys carried out over time.

Keith Watt, managing director, RIL, said, "2008 is shaping to be an exciting and busy year for us. We are delighted that major oil companies are recognizing the benefits of our GIS-based technologies in the successful realization of their 4D seismic reservoir monitoring projects, which are playing an increasingly significant role in maximization of reserves production particularly in mature provinces such as the North Sea."