Another Production Record: Petrobras Lifts 2 Million bbl Christmas Day

Petrobras' oil production in Brazil, in December, was 1,854,748 barrels per day, 5.3% more than in November, 1,760,598 barrels per day. The 94,000-barrel-per-day surge was achieved as a result of platform P-54 and new wells at platforms P-52 and FPSO Cidade de Vitoria going online. The P-54 and the P-52 are in the Roncador field, in the Rio de Janeiro Sea, while the FPSO Cidade de Vitoria, in the Golfinho field, off the Espirito Santo coast.

On December 25 2007, the company set another production record, when it lifted 2,000,238 barrels, 87,500 barrels more than the previous record which had been set on October 23 2006. The average oil production in domestic fields in 2007 was 1,792,000 barrels/day, 0.7% more than a year ago, when 1,778,000 barrels/day were produced.

Petrobras' joint oil and natural gas production in Brazil and abroad, in barrel equivalent (boe), in December, topped-out at 2,367,094 barrels/day, 4.9% more than in November. Only considering domestic fields, the joint oil and natural gas production was 2,143,218 barrels of oil equivalent (boe), a 5.2% rise compared to the previous month.

The natural gas production in the domestic fields rose to 45.863 million cubic meters, nearly 5% more than in November.

The oil and natural gas volume, in barrel equivalents (boe), in the eight countries where Petrobras has production assets, reached 223,876 boe/day: 1.5% more than in November.

The company's exclusive oil production abroad reached 121,957 barrels/day, remaining at the same level as the volume lifted a month earlier.