BG Selects Inside Reality From Schlumberger

BG Group selected Inside Reality, virtual reality technology software, from Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) for installation at BG's Interactive Visualization Center (iVC), located at its headquarters in Reading, UK.

According to Mark Setrem, BG Petrotech business relationship manager, Inside Reality is BG's software of choice for advanced workflows conducted in its iVC. "Inside Reality will give us the ability to plan our wells using seismic, geological and dynamic reservoir models interactively, in true virtual reality," said Setrem. "The combination of the 3D-spatial and interactive well trajectory planning with Inside Reality will enable a step-change in BG's workflow processes, and add significant value to the functionality of BG's Visualization Center."

Inside Reality is the industry's only virtual reality commercial software for interactive well planning and real-time geosteering. Inside Reality integrates all data types required for full reservoir characterization. Users navigate and interact with the data by natural body movements like walking, pointing and grabbing or by using a 3D data wand instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse. Its unique human interface and the level of immersion it offers encourages team collaboration and brainstorming, allowing teams to be more creative.

With Inside Reality users can rapidly quality control simulation models with respect to seismic and interpretation data and make full use of simulation results in well planning. Well, seismic and surface data can now be imported to Inside Reality by means of OpenSpirit(TM) from OpenSpirit-enabled databases. OpenSpirit is a platform independent plug-and-play framework that allows applications from a variety of software vendors to readily interoperate.

"The ease of use, for versatile, collaborative working demonstrated by Inside Reality for well planning, helped us to decide to swap out our existing visualization tool in favor of Inside Reality," said Anthony Lewis, BG's chief geophysicist. "Our choice of Inside Reality demonstrates BG's drive for continual improvements in our workflows for business benefit."

Adds Rutger Gras, Inside Reality marketing manager, Europe, CIS and Africa for SIS, Inside Reality has a proven track record in reducing well planning time with improved well planning and well placement results. BG can anticipate cost reduction savings related to reduced decision making time and improved well performance, as well as increased recovery--all leading to improved return on investment. We are looking forward to supporting BG in the implementation of Inside Reality and in providing expertise to further improve their collaborative workflows."