QHSE Top Priority on Oil & Gas U.K. Sharing Website

Step Change in Safety has launched its 2008 program to improve asset integrity on offshore installations with the creation of a unique sharing website.

The first of its kind, the website aims to increase the sharing of good practice, improve companies internal learning processes and enhance communication within companies and across Industry on the key issues surrounding process safety and asset integrity.

Chris Allen, HSSE director with Oil & Gas UK said, "The website is the first in a number of initiatives planned for 2008, launching a unique, industry-wide effort to enhance asset integrity on offshore installations. Obviously individual companies are working hard and investing significantly to maintain the integrity of their own installations for the longer futures which now lie ahead of them. The role of Step Change is to ensure that lessons learnt and good practices developed are widely shared so that the overall Industry effort is as effective as it possibly can be."

John Forrest, who is leading Step Change in Safety Asset Integrity Work Group, added, "A big attraction of the new website is that an interested individual can access full details of a best practice example or a lesson learnt from anywhere in Industry almost immediately. This means that the new idea can be very quickly translated into an improved work practice."

In addition to the new sharing website, the Asset Integrity Work Group is in the latter stages of developing a one-day interactive workshop on asset integrity management. This workshop is intended to equip company leaders with enough knowledge to enable them to ask the right questions about asset integrity, and thus ensure that they are sufficiently well informed when setting priorities and making decisions.

The website can be accessed on: http://stepchangeinsafety.net/stepchange/resources_asset.aspx