Eleventh Hour Action Delays OMDA Legal Proceedings to Depose Lanza

The OMDA Oil and Gas legal team was scheduled to depose Joe Lanza on January 7, 2008, in an action pending in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. The attorney representing Mr. Lanza in that case had withdrawn, so it was necessary to issue a subpoena to secure Lanza's appearance.

At the eleventh hour, another Louisiana attorney contacted OMDA's counsel, indicated that he would be entering an appearance in that action, and requested a two week delay. Based upon the attorney's assurances that he would guarantee Lanza's appearance on the new date without the need to re-subpoena him, and recognizing that the court might very well grant a continuance if requested by Lanza's new counsel, OMDA agreed to reset the deposition. The deposition is now scheduled to proceed on January 18, 2008.