New Oil Well Solution Promises to Increase Oil Production

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc., developer, manufacturer and marketer of the PetroLuxus family of products, has introduced PetroLuxus WC-100 as the new and complete solution for the cleanup of oil well equipment at the well site. This new PetroLuxus derivative product is an environmentally-friendly solution for the vast oil well cleanup market that is designed to increase oil production through efficient operation of well site equipment. PetroLuxus WC-100 provides a dramatic and economic revitalization of a well with the realized cost savings of between 30-40 percent below current conventional methods.

PetroLuxus WC-100 was specifically developed based on results of the numerous treatments of oil wells with PetroLuxus MMMF, the company's Enhanced Oil Recovery product that increases oil production through stimulation of the formation. Through the treatment of numerous marginal wells with PetroLuxus MMMF, it became evident that increased oil production results were hindered due to oil flow restrictions in the production equipment. The production equipment includes all of the components in contact with the fluids being moved from the formation to the collection tanks, such as pumps, down hole tubing, casing, aboveground piping valves and fittings, and tanks. The equipment is affected daily by age, contamination, treatment chemicals, scale, rust, paraffin, asphalt, temperature, pressure, abrasion, and a host of other issues that invariably affect the flow dynamics. Additionally, the area adjacent to the well bore or the production zone acts as a filtering area that accumulates particulate matter, paraffin, and heavy hydrocarbon components that over time reduce or restrict the amount of fluid that can flow. All of this adds up to reduced production over time and increased operating cost for maintenance. PetroLuxus WC-100 was developed to address these issues on a cost effective basis.

The combination treatment utilizing PetroLuxus WC-100 to clean fluid flow restrictions followed by the formation treatment with PetroLuxus MMMF results in increased production of marginal wells.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, "One out of every six barrels of crude oil produced in the United States comes from a marginal well - a well whose production has slowed to 10 barrels a day or less. About 80 percent of the total number of U.S. oil wells are now classified as marginal wells. There are over 400,000 of these wells in the United States, and together they produce nearly one million barrels of oil per day, or about 19 percent of U.S. production."