Magellan Agrees to Lease with TMD Energy

Magellan Energy Ltd., an independent oil and gas company, has entered into a second participation agreement with TMD Energy Inc. of Tennessee. The agreement is in place for several of the already existing wells on the Robert Anderson Lease located in Morgan County, Tennessee.

Magellan Energy Ltd. will be working with TMD Energy Inc. on the Robert Anderson Lease. This participation agreement includes five existing wells known as R.Anderson#2-permit#5534, R.Anderson#3-permit#6002, R.Anderson#3-permit#6241, R.Anderson#4-permit#6003, and R.Anderson#3-permit#6453. TMD Energy Inc. will continue as the operator of the wells and oversee any necessary work over procedures. Presently, the current wells are producing gas and oil, but will require additional compressors, pump jacks, rods and tubing to finalize the project.