Gocerler-4 Well To be Completed for Gas Production

Summary Interpretation of wireline logs from the Gocerler-4 well indicates the presence of two gas bearing zones in the primary Danismen Formation objective. A 28-meter gross gas column is indicated between 1268 and 1296 meters, with 18 meters of net gas pay in good reservoir sandstone. A second gas zone is interpreted between 1252 and 1256 meters. Both zones correlate with the producing Gocerler-1 and Gocerler-3 wells. The well will be completed for production and tied into the gas processing plant.

7-Inch production casing has been run on the Gocerler-4 well and the was drilled to a total depth (TD) of 1429 meters. Gas shows were encountered between 1250 and 1390 meters. Wireline logs were run from TD to the bottom of the surface casing (706 meters). Wireline log interpretation indicates the presence of a 28-meter gross gas column from 1268 meters, including 18 meters of interpreted net gas pay in good quality sandstone reservoir. A second 4-meter gross column from 1252 meters was also interpreted in the well. Both gas bearing intervals correlate with proven productive reservoirs within the Gocerler Field. Production casing is presently being run as a prelude to completing the Gocerler-4 well as a Danismen Formation gas well. Gocerler-4 will be tied back to the Gocerler production facility for commercial production.

After completion operations, a short clean-up flow test is planned and then the well will be diverted to the gas processing plant for testing into the pipeline. A connecting ("tieback") pipeline is presently being constructed from the plant to the well and is anticipated to be operational at the weekend.

Amity operates the Thrace Joint Venture on behalf of Turkiye Petrolleri A.O. (50%) and Amity (50%).