JKX Finds Success with Ukrainian Well

JKX Oil & Gas has completed and tested Well I133 as part of its ongoing drilling programme at Poltava, Ukraine.

During testing, Well I133 flowed at an average rate of 3.7 million cubic feet of gas and 560 barrels of condensate per day with a wellhead flowing pressure of 1,360psi through a 40/64 inch choke. The well has been tied back to the Company's production facility via a 10 km flowline.

Well I133 is a deviated well drilled to a depth of 2,875m in a structure lying between the Ignatovskoye and Novo-Nikolaevskoye Fields on a north-westerly extension of the Tournasian carbonate trend found to be productive in the Wells M160 and M162 of the Molchanovskoye Field.

The well penetrated three hydrocarbon-bearing formations comprising: 4m in the Tournaisian sandstone; 317m in the overlying Tournaisian carbonate; and 20m of shallower Visean sandstone. The well has been completed in the first instance in the Tournasian sandstone only and testing of the Tournasian carbonate primary objective will follow once the secondary Tournasian sandstone objective has been evaluated fully.

The Skytop N-75 rig has now moved to the southwest of the Ignatovskoye Field to drill Well I134.