Roc Oil Logs Pay with Cliff Head-3 Well

The Cliff Head-3 sidetracked core hole ("CH-3-ch1") in WA-286-P, in the offshore part of the northern Perth Basin, has been production tested at a stabilized rate, constrained by surface facilities, of 3,000 barrels of oil per day ("BOPD") via a 28/64 inch choke and a down hole electrical submersible pump ("ESP").

Roc Oil reports that the CH-3-ch1 appraisal well in WA-286-P, in the offshore part of the northern Perth Basin, was pulling the test string ahead of rig release to the Twin Lions-1 exploration well in the adjacent TP/15 license.

The CH-3-ch1 sidetracked core hole has production tested Permian sandstones over a total 27 meter net drilled interval (from 1,280.5 to 1,288 and from 1,291 to 1,310.5 meters below rotary table; equivalent to 1,213 to 1,220 and 1,223 to 1,242 meters true vertical depth subsea).

The well flowed 33.3 degree API oil, with a Gas:Oil Ratio ("GOR") of 100 cubic feet per barrel, through an ESP and several different choke sizes, at a variety of stabilized rates up to a maximum of 3,000 BOPD through a 28/64-inch choke. This maximum flow rate was constrained by surface facilities. The test, consisting of a sequence of flow and shut in periods designed to respectively measure flow rates and pressure build-up data, was conducted over a three day period from January 25 - 27, 2003.

As previously indicated and consistent with the pre-drill plan, CH-3-ch1 will be plugged and abandoned, regardless of the very encouraging results of the production test.

Operations at CH-3-ch1 are expected to be completed during the week when, subject to weather constraints, the ENSCO 53 jackup will move to the Twin Lions-1 exploration well location in the neighboring TP/15 to drill the second of the three to eight well program currently being undertaken by the WA-286-P and TP/15 Joint Ventures.

Roc Oil is the operator of the WA-286-P Joint Venture.