Ameriwest Claims 17.67 Million bbl Still in Place in Wyoming

Ameriwest Energy announced the results of a reservoir study of the South Glenrock C Unit (SGCU), located in Converse County, Wyoming. The study completed by NITEC LLC, reports on the estimated remaining oil-in-place (OIP) and the estimated recoverable oil in the Lower Muddy formation under a CO2 injection program. According to the study's base case the estimated remaining OIP in the C Unit is 17.67 million barrels of oil (MMSTB) of which 4.9 MMSTB may be recovered from a continuous CO2 injection program over 25 years according to detailed simulation predictions.

The SGCU is located in the extreme south-southwestern portion of the Powder River Basin on the Big Muddy Anticline about 15 miles east of Casper, Wyoming. The SGCU is one of three units within the South Glenrock field which was discovered in 1950. The Muddy formation is found at drilling depths of 5,000 to 6,000 feet and is about 200 feet thick with the productive Lower Muddy formation ranging up to 33 feet in thickness. The Lower Muddy is a naturally fractured fluvial sandstone deposit which has produced 7.7 MMSTB of which 5.3 MMSTB was produced under primary conditions and 2.4 MMSTB from secondary water-flood activities.

NITEC's predicted future production from a continuous CO2 program assumes a development program for the SGCU based on several factors, including the implementation of an inverted nine-spot, 160 acre pattern with a central injector, an initial well count of 18 injectors and 43 producers, requiring the drilling of 3 new injectors and 3 new producing wells. Under this scenario peak oil production may reach 2,800 barrels of oil per day (STB/D).