Shumate Releases Additional Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve Sizes

Shumate Industries announced that its Hemiwedge Valve Corporation division has added four new valve sizes to their Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve line.

The Company has recently added an 8-inch full bore 150 Class and 300 Class, and 10-inch reduced bore 150 Class and 300 Class. These sizes are available in manual and automated configurations and in carbon steel and stainless steel. The Company also announced that this new product release is part of an aggressive development program to bring the Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve technology to targeted applications within a variety of growth markets. The Company's current product line size range is now 2" through 10" 150 and 300 Class, 2" through 8" 600 Class, and 2" through 3" 900 Class. Additional sizes are pending.

The Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve is a proprietary technology and new product line that targets process and industrial applications such as isolation block valves, emergency shut-down, CO2 and water injection, pipeline by-pass and drain, diverter valves, and especially critical shutoff of service fluids with entrained sand and abrasive particulates. Orders received to date have been for a variety of applications and include sour gas applications in gas gathering, mud diverter valves, pig launcher service, and brine storage well shutoff.

Hemiwedge's patented hemispherical wedge design offers improved shutoff performance with the wedging action during the final seating. The proprietary cartridge technology encases all the internal components of the valve within the pre-certified cartridge and allows in-line replacements, significantly reducing down-time and supply disruption, especially in higher maintenance service applications containing entrained solids such as line scale, sand, and debris.

Stan Allen, Senior Vice President of Technology for HVC, stated, "This additional product size release is only one of many forthcoming. Since the technology is easily scalable, we have an ongoing program of developing, testing, and releasing additional sizes and features in response to market demand. Our next product release anticipated will be in higher pressure classes." Mr. Allen continued, "The current breadth of the Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve product line has enabled the Company to initiate strategic discussions with well entrenched marketing partners, which could accelerate the technology's penetration in the marketplace."