Capstone Brings in $4M Order for Microturbine Energy Systems

Capstone Turbine Corporation has received an order for approximately $4.0M from BPC Energy Systems in Moscow, Russia for its new 200kW microturbine product. In addition, Capstone announced that with this order it has effectively "sold out" of its planned initial calendar year 2008 production. The new 200kW offering was launched in September 2007 and the C1000 product family was released at the Power-Gen International trade show in New Orleans in December 2007.

Capstone's C200 product development program is partially funded by UTC Power Corporation which is providing $12.8 million in cash and in kind services in exchange for a 10% royalty payment. "The new ultra clean, light weight, air bearing design is scheduled to commence commercial production in September 2008 with an initial 28 production slots available in calendar 2008 and another 110 slots for 2009," said Leigh Estus Capstone's Senior Vice President, Operations. "As of today we have firm orders for 42 units with approximately 29 of these orders requiring 2008 delivery dates," added Estus.

"Obviously, I am extremely pleased with the success of our initial launch of the C200 and C1000 product families," stated Darren Jamison, Capstone's President and Chief Executive Officer. "Capstone's engineering, procurement and manufacturing teams are currently looking at ways to increase our production and hope to make available 20 additional production slots in calendar 2008 and increase 2009 slots from 110 to 160," added Jamison.

"The amount of interest and inquiries we have received since we showcased the C200 and C1000 products at PowerGen International last month has been encouraging," said Jim Crouse, Capstone Turbine Corporation's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "I believe this initial order activity demonstrates the market is looking for ultra-clean and highly reliable power generation solutions in the 200kW to 2MW space," added Crouse.

This new family of microturbine-based products provides solutions in the 200kW, 600kW, 800kW and 1,000kW range in a single standard sized container. These new products will provide all the low emissions and low maintenance benefits in a compact footprint that will extend the application of Capstone microturbines into the multi-megawatts project size.

Other key features will include Capstone's patented air bearing, remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, and integrated utility synchronization and protection. The small, modular design will allow for easy and low-cost installation. Five and nine year Capstone Factory Protection Plans are also available.

"It is not surprising that the majority of our early adopters of the C200 product family are in Europe and Russia as these markets have historically supported new environmentally superior products," added Jamison. "However, as I stated previously, I believe this new product line will also have great applications in the United States and it reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with the best distributed generation products available," added Jamison.