Asgard B Production Still Shut In

Production from Statoil's Asgard B gas platform in the Norwegian Sea is expected to remain shut down until mid-February because of damage to its flare system. Inspection work following the discovery of this problem on January 19th has identified a need to repair piping at the end of the flare boom.

The damage is not extensive, says Ola Krumsvik, operations vice president for Asgard. But it is located 110 meters over the platform's main deck and is difficult to access. This in turn calls for extensive preparations before repair work can begin.

Asgard B is a semisubmersible floater which responds to sea motion. Weather and waves could therefore delay action to deal with the damage.

"The equipment required to carry out the repairs is currently being shipped out," says Mr. Krumsvik. "If work goes as planned, we'll be back on stream in mid-February."

Normal daily production from the B platform is about 36 million cubic meters of export gas and 125,000 barrels of condensate and oil.

Despite the shutdown, Statoil's gas customers will continue to receive their contractual volumes.