Synodon Completes Flight Validation of realSens Technology

Synodon Inc. has announced that its realSens technology has successfully detected ground level ethane gas while being flown at 300 meters altitude in a helicopter flying at 120 km/hr. The ethane was released from a compressed gas bottle to simulate a natural gas leak plume (natural gas contains up to 5% ethane). The tests were conducted in Tucson, Arizona in December 2007 and involved a series of flights over the leak area. The data analysis showed that the ethane plume was detected on every pass where the gas was released.

These flight tests followed the successful laboratory testing and verification of realSens(TM). During these tests, the technology met or exceeded all important design and engineering parameters.

Adrian Banica, CEO of Synodon Inc. said, "Our team is very pleased to make this announcement and very excited about the test results. This validates the ability of the realSens(TM) technology to detect ethane while airborne and presents the final major step towards the offering of commercial services to natural gas pipeline companies and other hydrocarbon industry operators."

Following this significant technology validation, Synodon will commence a program of actively marketing its new and innovative leak detection service to pipeline companies throughout North America. The first step will be the execution of a number of demonstration flights with its current industry partners.