Samson Oil & Gas to Stimulate the Harstad #1-15

The Operator of the Harstad #1-15H well has proposed and Samson has approved a proposal to stimulate this well where Samson has a 34.5% working interest.

The well is currently producing around 60 BOPD from a 4,800-foot horizontal well bore. The well is not cased over the productive section and is producing from a dolomitic limestone which is conducive to being stimulated with acid. Following a significant level of engineering design effort, the proposed stimulation is a sophisticated 5 stage treatment using a hydrochloric acid stimulation fluid which will be pumped to create the first fracture, this will be followed by a diverting agent which is designed to divert the subsequent acid stage to create a second and then subsequent fractures along the horizontal well bore. The diverting agent is temperature sensitive and after 24 hours breaks down to a fluid which is then flowed back.

The engineering analysis of the expected resulting post stimulation flow rate suggests a range of results from 80 BOPD to 600 BOPD depending on the number of fractures successfully created.

The timing of field operations is expected to be in the first week of February 2008.

The Harstad well is located in the Williston Basin in North Dakota and produces from the Bluell Formation which is developed in this field using horizontal completions. Samson's working interest in the Harstad well is 34.5% (NRI 26.4%). Due to ownership difference across the leased area, Samson's total working interest in the prospect is 41% (NRI 31%).