Budd Melvin Joins EMS Group as Director of EMS Canada

EMS Group (EMS), a North American provider of operations and maintenance services to the energy industry, announced that Milo "Budd" Melvin has been appointed as Director of EMS Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of EMS Group. Melvin will oversee and manage business development and operations throughout Canada and will be based in Calgary.

According to Tim Nesler, CEO of EMS Group, "Budd Melvin will be a great asset to our team. Canada is a significant and expanding market for EMS, and EMS Canada is uniquely positioned to meet the operations and maintenance needs of Canada's expanding pipeline assets. To better serve this market, we will also be consolidating our two wholly owned subsidiaries, Celtic Controls Inc. and K&D Oilfield Services, into EMS Canada."

EMS recently acquired K&D Oilfield Services to expand its Canadian presence and enhance its integrated services to Canadian customers.