Pakistan Gas Field Comes Under Attack

For the second time in a week natural gas pipelines in southwestern Pakistan have come under rocket fire from feuding tribesmen. Two pipelines operated Sui Northern Gas Pipelines were attacked Sunday night in the Baluchistan province. This latest attack has halted gas supplies to many parts of Punjab and North West Frontier Province.

A Sui North Gas Pipeline official has said they have been unable to put out the fire from the two pipelines that are still ablaze. He said they have disconnected gas in both the pipelines which were supplying gas to Punjab and NWFP from the main Sui gas plant.

Bugti and Mazari tribesmen have been fighting in the province of Baluchistan for the past few years. In recent days, the rival tribesmen have disrupted power supplies and hit gas pipelines with rockets. A similar rocket attack on January 21 halted more than half of all gas supplies to Punjab and the NWFP. The supplies were fully restored only two days ago.

Sui is a largely unpopulated desert area and no casualties were reported in the latest incident. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.