Draugen Platform Springs Subsea Leak

The Draugen Platform located in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea has cutback production after a leak in the subsea facilities was discovered on Sunday. Shell, the operator of the platform, said even though oil is leaking there is no immediate danger that a slick will drift to the coast.

An investigation is underway on the cause of the leak and how to stop it. At this point, Shell is not certain how much oil has been spilled. The platform normally produces 200,000 barrels of oil per day. Subsea installations pumping oil in the Rogn South area 3.1-3.7 miles from the platform have been closed down. However, the platform wells are still producing.

The Shell spokeswoman said that it was too early to estimate how far the closures were affecting overall production. She said that the remote wells accounted for only a small share of output. Weather forecasts by the Norwegian meteorological office indicated that any oil slick would stay in the area for at least the next four days. A robot vehicle with a camera had been deployed to search for the source of the leak.