Caddo's Date of Shareholder Meeting Set

Mario Lanza, President of Caddo International stated that the Directors of the Company had fixed March 22, 2008 as the date of the Annual Meeting and February 20, 2008 as the record date for shareholders to be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting.

The Company also announced that they will be sending the second and last payments to the owner of a new and unique technology for oil exploration, the Thumper. Caddo has been working jointly with the owner and Black Dragon, which has used the Thumper 24 times and is highly encouraged by its potential. There is indication that the Thumper has found a valuable, new oil formation. With Caddo's last payment, all the data relating to the uses of the Thumper will be converted into a 3-D imaging format, thus providing a vastly improved method of evaluation potential of new oil formations.

Management is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Joe Hawkins as Vice President of Construction, who will oversee all work crews, while introducing new operating and construction controls. Mr. Hawkins has many years of experience as an owner and operator of many oil properties.