Turnkey E&P's Well in Clear Creek Field Flows Oil From 'A' Zone

Turnkey E&P Inc. reported that its P. Cox #2 well in the Clear Creek Field flow tested oil at rates of approximately 212 barrels of oil per day from the A zone.

The P. Cox #2 well is dual-string completed with the long string in the B zone with perforations from 9,056 feet to 9,076 feet and the short string in the A zone with perforations from 8,863 feet to 8,873 feet. The short string is equipped with gas lift valves; however, the A zone started to flow on its own after unloading completion fluid out of the tubing with gas lift.

During the five days of production testing, the A zone averaged 212 barrels of oil per day from a total rate of 429 barrels of fluid per day or a 49.4% oil-cut on a variable choke ranging from 17/64 inch to 22/64 inch with a flowing tubing pressure from 380 psig to 150 psig. The well is also making small amounts of gas at approximately 50 thousand cubic feet per day.

As previously announced, the B zone was tested at a rate of 16 barrels of oil per day with 384 barrels of water per day.

"We ran the short string fitted with gas lift valves as we didn't expect the A zone to flow. This is the reservoir which had seen a cumulative production of approximately 12.3 million barrels of oil under a field-wide reservoir unit. The P. Cox #2 well's excellent production characteristics confirm our belief that the A zone has additional potential remaining, not only from the secondary and tertiary recovery applications but also from the primary recovery via infill drilling in unswept areas of the reservoir," said Bob Tessari, Turnkey's President and CEO. "This latest test significantly increases our previous estimates of oil remaining to be recovered from the A zone."