Fairstar Converts Semi-Submersible into Self-Propelled Transport Vessel

As a world first, Fairstar Heavy Transport NV (FHT) from the Netherlands has managed to convert a semi-submersible barge into a self-propelled heavy transport vessel. The 'Fjord' is presently performing its sea trials offshore Malta.

With this challenging concept the company responds to the extremely busy offshore driven heavy transport market with a quick solution. Fairstar has a state-of-the-art vessel converted within half the time and at half the price, compared to a newly built vessel.

The majority of Fairstar's personnel has worked for many years for the also Dutch based/Oslo stock market listed industry leader, and has concluded that the present market demands a different approach. Fairstar will be the challenging and very experienced new-kid-on-the-block.

Fairstar's 'Fjord', capable of carrying big drilling platforms, will focus on transporting the offshore equipment at the moment which is most preferred by the oil companies, rather than at a timing triggered by the ideal schedule of the transport vessel.

In 2008 Fairstar will add its second vessel the 'Fjell' to its fleet.