Platina Announces Proven Reserves Exceed $3 Per Share

Platina Energy Group, Inc. reports, since early 2007, estimated proven oil reserves held by Platina have almost doubled in value. Platina's combined reserves now reflect potential appreciation by more than 35% for the year exclusive of recent acquisitions. This translates into reserve estimates exceeding $3 per share.

According to Blair Merriam, "It will be up to the market place and shareholders to determine the hidden potential of the Company's value and to make informed investment decisions."

As reported by the Wall St Journal on Saturday, "Oil-price prognosticators, bruised after an unusually volatile spell in the oil patch, have reached a rough consensus on next year: Oil will be even costlier, even if the economy cools.

"Consumers are likely to pay a lot more at the pump, too. The Energy Department predicts that far higher average oil prices will force gasoline prices to even out at $3.11 next year, up 10%."