East Yorkshire Exploration Well Yields 'Disappointing' Results for Granby

The Granby Oil and Gas Burton Agnes-1 well in East Yorkshire reached a TD of 2290 meters measured depth, 1982 m sub sea vertical depth on 17 December 2007. Gas shows were observed in the Leman Sandstone and carbonates and a fracture within the Zechstein sequence.

Petrophysical analysis of the wireline log data has indicated that the primary reservoir target, the Leman Sandstone, was water wet. The Leman Sandstone was penetrated deep to prognosis due to a thicker than predicted Zechstein section in the well which was drilled on the north eastern margin of the prospect.

The gas zones within the Zechstein were not considered to warrant testing. As such the well is currently being suspended whilst the results of the well are incorporated into the structural and geological model for the Fraisthorpe Prospect to determine if a structurally elevated target can be reached from the current well site. Granby's costs for the well have been fully carried.

David Grassick, Managing Director of Granby Oil and Gas, said: "The results from the Burton Agnes well are disappointing, however they did confirm the presence of a good quality sandstone reservoir and a viable petroleum system, which provide encouragement for the potential of the area."

Richard Moreton, Executive Director of Granby Oil and Gas, said, "The gas shows both within and above the Leman sandstone might provide targets for a sidetrack from this well to a more elevated part of the structure once the post-well evaluation is complete."