Subsea 7 Lands New Business Awards Totaling $15 Million

Subsea 7

Subsea 7, through its i-Tech division, has been honored with a number of new business awards globally with an estimated total value of U.S. $15 million.

i-Tech has been awarded two contracts with terms of three and five years by Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) for the provision of ROV services onboard two semi-submersible drilling rigs relocating from the US Gulf Of Mexico to work offshore Brazil.

Larsen Oil and Gas has selected i-Tech to provide ROV services for a 2.5 year term onboard a semi submersible offshore Mexico.

In addition to the awards from Petrobras and Larsen Oil and Gas, i-Tech has also been successful in securing a one year contract for the supply of ROV and tooling services onboard a recently upgraded drill ship for work offshore West Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

i-Tech's Managing Director Neil Milne commented, "These awards further consolidate our position as a global provider of ROV and intervention technologies to the offshore drilling industry. We are particularly pleased that all of these awards are onboard offshore installations new to i-Tech."