ONGC Plans to Increase Output from Bombay High Field

ONGC will try to increase production from the Bombay High offshore field by 40% in 2007 through an enhanced oil recovery project. Production from the field fell to 195,000 bpd in March 2002 from a peak of 280,00 bpd a decade earlier. "We will again touch a peak of 280,000 bpd by 2007 and sustain that level for at least four years," ONGC's Executive Director (Bombay High) Kharak Singh said in a statement.

ONGC will spend 82 billion rupees ($1.71 million) to boost output from the Bombay High field located approximately 100 miles off the coast of Bombay.

India's enhanced oil recovery project has increased Bombay High's production by 3.8% during its first nine months. The field produces two-thirds of ONGC's output. ONGC is drilling more than 200 new wells in addition to the 500 already operational and pumping gas and liquids into the wells to get crude oil, which could not be extracted using conventional techniques. The company planned to drill 42 new wells in the current fiscal year, but would be able to drill less than 30 because of a shortage of rigs.