Cape Wind selects GE Wind Energy

Cape Wind, the nation's first offshore wind farm, has chosen GE Wind Energy as the wind turbine manufacturer for its planned net 420-megawatt offshore project on Horseshoe Shoal off the coast of Cape Cod.

"GE Wind Energy manufactures the most advanced offshore wind turbines available today," said Jim Gordon, president of Energy Management, Inc. (EMI) and managing general partner of Cape Wind. "GE Wind Energy is part of one of America's most successful technology companies, and we're delighted to have selected GE to provide the wind turbines for the Cape Wind project."

"We are very pleased to have been chosen to help bring this world-class wind power project to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," said Steve Zwolinski, president of GE Wind Energy. "As evidenced by its 31% growth rate globally over the past six years, wind power has emerged as the most practical renewable energy solution. The project will bring new economic development opportunities to New England with the potential for several hundred new jobs," he added. "We are currently evaluating deep water port facilities in the region for their suitability for manufacturing and assembly."

By selecting the highly efficient GE Wind offshore wind turbine, Cape Wind will reduce the number of wind turbines from 170 to 130 without decreasing the amount of power produced by the project. This reduction of 40 wind turbines will increase the distance between the south shore of Cape Cod and the wind farm.

The specifications of the GE Wind turbines are being provided as part of several scientific and environmental reports to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). In November 2001, Cape Wind filed "Environmental Notification Forms" with the USACE and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. The project has been undergoing a comprehensive environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act and the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act. Cooperating federal and state agencies are participating in the permitting review process.

Jim Gordon remarked that EMI has worked successfully with GE over the past 20 years. "Together, we teamed to build and operate some of the cleanest and most efficient natural gas-fired power plants in New England. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with GE to produce lower electric costs for consumers, increased energy independence, and a healthier environment for Massachusetts and the region."

The Cape Wind proposal to build America's first offshore wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal will provide, on average, three-quarters of the electricity used on Cape Cod and the Islands from clean, renewable energy.