Cameron MARS and POSSibilities Technologies Utilized on King Project

Two of Cameron's CAMFORCE™ Subsea Processing technologies – MARS (Multiple Application Reinjection System) and POSSibilities (Production Optimization Simulation Software) have been successfully utilized as part of the BP King multiphase pumping project in the Gulf of Mexico.

MARS serves as the interface between the subsea production tree and the processing equipment modules (pumping, metering, separation or well stimulation) and has been described as a USB port for subsea production trees. The technology has been developed and supplied by DES, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cameron (NYSE: CAM). The patented MARS system enables processing equipment modules to be installed on any subsea tree at any time and provides a universal interface.

POSSibilities software is used to compare numerous production optimization solutions and configurations throughout the life of the field to determine an optimum solution.

The BP King project is the first multiphase pump installation in the Gulf of Mexico and the first field application of both the MARS and POSSibilities technologies.

DES founder and managing director, Ian Donald, says, "This is a double first for us. We are delighted that BP chose POSSibilities software and MARS hardware solutions to both evaluate and enable this ground breaking project."

"In the King project, MARS offered BP a low risk method of gaining access to the wellstream. This was achieved without breaking into the existing flowline system while minimizing well downtime," added Donald.

In addition to multiphase pumping, MARS has been selected by Shell for subsea well stimulation operations in the North Sea and by Total for subsea multiphase metering in West Africa. The MARS technology has also been the recipient of several industry awards including:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Distinguished Innovation Award
  • World Oil - New Horizons Idea Award
  • Subsea UK - Best Subsea Newcomer Award
  • Scottish Offshore Achievements - Innovative Technology Award

MARS and POSSibilities are two of the technologies included in Cameron's CAMFORCE Subsea Processing System which includes multiphase boosting, separation and other enabling technologies for the emerging subsea processing market.