Cairn COO Smith Retires, Tracy Takes Reins

Cairn India COO Laurie Smith announced his intention to retire from full-time employment when his current contract expires in April 2008. He will step down as a full-time director of Cairn Energy in January 2008.

Engineering and Operations Director Phil Tracy will return to Cairn India to join the Rajasthan Project Management board with immediate effect.

"On behalf of Cairn India, I would like to thank Laurie Smyth for his tremendous contribution to the success of the business throughout his three-year tenure with Cairn," said Cairn CEO Rahul Dhir. "In particular I would like to acknowledge Laurie's leadership of the company during its reorganization and transfwe from Chennai to Gurgaon and in establishing the Rajasthan Development Project organizations, including the engineering and design phases, all of which are crfitical to the future success of the company."