Brazilian Oil Production Up 1.8% in November

Petrobras reports that in November, with operations going online at two new platforms (P-52, on Nov. 28, and the FPSO Cidade de Vitória, on the Nov. 15), and with production being resumed at the three units that underwent scheduled maintenance in October, the average oil production in Brazilian fields rose 1.8% compared to the previous month, topping out at 1,760,598 barrels per day. Together, the two platforms that kicked production off in November are capable of lifting 280,000 barrels per day.

Domestic field natural gas production was 43,890,000 cubic meters per day, stable compared to the previous month.

Petrobras' joint oil and natural gas production in Brazil and abroad, in barrels of oil equivalent (boe), in November, capped at 2,257,230 barrels per day, 1.2% more than in October. Only taking domestic fields into account, joint oil and natural gas production was 2,036,660 boe/day, 2% above the October mark.

The oil and natural gas volume, in barrels of oil equivalent (boe), coming from the eight countries where Petrobras has production assets, reached 220,570 barrels per day in November, 5.6% less than in October. The company's exclusive oil production abroad added up to 122,233 barrels per day, slightly below the October mark, when 124,195 barrels were lifted per day.