Maharashtra Seamless Lands Prestigious Export Orders

Maharashtra Seamless has been awarded export orders worth U.S. $40 million from USA and Latin America. These supplies would support the drilling program of Oil and Gas majors in the above region. With the exploration & drilling activities on the rise, the demand for Seamless Pipes is expected to rise significantly and MSL is better positioned to get some major pipes contracts in the coming time.

Recently, US authorities have initiated anti dumping duty investigation against Chinese Pipe and have already imposed preliminary Countervailing Duty. This would pave the way for better market share in USA for others and Indian players.

To meet the customer requirements and to support the export functions, the Company has opened export branch in USA to facilitate better services and customer support to its large base of OCTG and Line pipes customers in USA, Canada and Latin America.

Export is a big thrust area for Seamless Pipes in view of massive rise in Exploration and Drilling activities world wide. Realizing this, MSL is already in active discussion with Major Global Oil & Gas Companies like Shell & Occidental for further market penetration.