Bennex RLWI Project on Schedule for FMC Technologies

Bennex is delivering two Riser Light Well Intervention (RLWI) MKII UTH (Umbilical Termination Head) systems for FMC Kongsberg Subsea (FKS). The systems will be used for maintenance of subsea wells without using Riser - DP ships.

The first system will be delivered and assembled onboard "Wellserver" in March/April 2008; the second system will be delivered in April/May 2008 to the "Constructor."

Bennex is also delivering electronic bottles and jumpers for FKS and the RLWI project, being delivered in April 2008. Bennex will do the assembly, leak testing and oil filling with FMC Technologies in Drammen.

Bennex develops, produces, installs and tests the RLWI systems.