Delta Petroleum Paradox Basin Well Produces 4.32 Mmcf on First Day

Delta Petroleum's Federal 28-11 well began flowing from the bottom interval of the 16 clastic intervals through a separator at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, December 14, 2007. Over the first 24 hours, the well produced 4.32 million cubic feet of natural gas (Mmcf) and 794 barrels of 60 gravity oil on a 28/64" choke. Over the first 48 hours, the well produced 7.5 Mmcf of natural gas and 1,379 barrels of oil. During the last 24 hours the production stabilized.

This is an un-stimulated "open hole" test. When drilling the well, Delta was unable to penetrate completely through this interval due to the very high pressures that were encountered. The Company plans to recommence drilling to access the remainder of this interval and additional deeper zones.

This is the same clastic interval that experienced the surface blow-out in the Greentown State 36-11 discovery well, and the pressures encountered in the Federal 28-11 well are very consistent with pressures seen in both the Greentown State 36-11 and 32-42 wells, which are located six miles to the north and 1.5 miles to the south, respectively. The Federal 28-11 has 15 additional oil- and gas-bearing clastic intervals that contain approximately 900feet of potentially productive zone that the Company plans to test and complete in the future.