Rockhopper to Perform Second Seismic Survey in Falklands

Rockhopper Exploration, the North Falkland Basin oil and gas exploration company, recently completed the Ernest site survey. Existing surveys have unveiled a substantial amount of recoverable oil.

Wavefield Inseis is to acquire additional 2D seismic analysis over the Weddell prospect and other targets, focusing in the southeast of license PL024.

The Weddell prospect, which is located near the islands in less than 150 meters of water, has been mapped on existing 2D, revealing an unrisked 254 million barrels of recoverable oil. This survey will allow Rockhopper to refine the mapping and to begin to prepare the target for possible drilling.

"Ongoing work on the existing seismic data has identified a number of very interesting structures in the south east of license PL024," said Rockhopper Exploration Managing Director Sam Moody. "We are taking the opportunity while there is a vessel is in the area to acquire further 2D seismic data which will enable us to take a closer look at Weddell as well as other structures in the area."