Over 130 Deepwater Plays Mapped Around Southern Tip of India

The Directorate General of Hydrocarbons has mapped over 130 deepwater plays around the Southern Tip and Eastern Coast of India, according to Director General, DGH, Dr. Avinash Chandra at Petrotech 2003.

This augurs exciting possibilities in the E&P scenario in India. Moreover, future opportunities in the frontier regions of North Eastern India will have world-class discoveries as the structural styles have similarities with premier geological structures of Iran and Saudi Arabia. The mighty Himalayas seemed to be the next target for discovery of prolific reserves of oil and gas in the promising Assam-Arrakan sedimentary basin in the country. The Director General said that the basin had some 14 exposed anticlines, including one substructure of the Agartala dome.

On the Eastern Coast, Dr. Chandra said that the DGH has mapped around 80 plays, and that it has found the Cauvery-Pallar region to have mature shells, a feature that is similar to those in the gas discoveries made by Reliance Industries and Cairn Energy in the KG (Krishna-Godavari) basin.

"Over 130 deepwater plays have been mapped around Southern Tip and East Coast of India. Many plays have striking similarity to proven play types of Campos Basin, Gulf of Mexico and West Coast of Africa", Dr. Chandra added during his presentation.

Intensive exploration employing cutting-edge-technology has resulted in significant additional reserve accretion in and around already discovered fields of Ravva, Mid and South Tapti, Hazira and the giant Vasai field. In fact, according to the DGH, the southern tip of India too had favorable tectonic framework which included regions like Cape Comorin high and the Kanyakumari ridge.

Dr. Chandra confided that initial reports indicate these fields could be triple or four times the size of Mumbai High with an area of 2,700 km to 4,300 km spread.