PSA and SFT Joint Inquiry into Statfjord Spill

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has initiated an inquiry into the Statfjord A oil spill in collaboration with the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT).

Measures for preventing harm to people, the environment and material assets, including averting or halting acute pollution from offshore installations, fall within the PSA's jurisdiction. The SFT is responsible for issuing permits to enterprises under the Norwegian Pollution Act and for setting emergency preparedness standards to prevent harm to the natural environment.

According to its mandate, the inquiry will: clarify the scope, development and potential of the incident, assess its direct and underlying causes, and identify follow-up measures. It will also assess operational, technical and management conditions relating to the incident. Additionally, the inquiry will identify any breaches of the regulations, recommend further follow-up and identify possible regulatory responses.

The investigation will be coordinated by the PSA, and the Norwegian Coast Directorate will also contribute to the work.