Pemberton Adds 5 Potential Producing Zones in the Peace River Arch

Recent continuous evaluation of the 3D seismic by the Pemberton Energy geophysical and geological team revealed three potential oil producing zones in addition to the Gething and Notikewan gas zones.

Pemberton's geological and geophysical team recommends to increase the depth of the 6-15-82-3-W6M well to include drilling of three horizons in the Wabamun Zone with amplitude anomalies, as well amplitude anomalies in the Granite Wash and the Precambrian. This will give Pemberton an opportunity to have a multizone producing well, with three potential oil zones and two potential gas zones making a total of 5 potential producing zones.

The uppermost potential zone, the Lower Cardinal member, forms a small structural trap, whereas the other zones are stratigraphic in nature. The optimum bottomhole location is 133 meters north of the 6-15 surface location, with a very small deviation from vertical. This well will be a first of several locations within section 15. Information gathered from this well will be used to calibrate the seismic signature and assist in the optimizing of future locations.

These findings have delayed the drilling of the 6-15-82-3 well to include the oil zones in the drill program. The company is in the process of changing its drill license from a gas well with 1,047 meters depth to oil and gas well with a total depth of 2,400 meter.

"Adding these three potential oil bearing zones to our drill program changes the dynamics of the company's success taking Pemberton to a new level," said Pemberton President Richard Saxon. "These Devonian and older porous sandstones have the potential for significant hydrocarbon reserves and lie at a depth of approximately 2,400 meters. As a result of the company's 3D seismic and inversion analysis completed by Hampson Russell and the activity of numerous major oil and gas companies in the Peace River Arch management is eager to drill 6-15-82-3W6M well which will now include three additional oil zones."