INTEC Awarded Long-Term Subsea Engineering Contract from BP

INTEC Engineering has been awarded a global agreement by BP for the provision of Engineering and Project Management Services (EPMS) for BP subsea facility projects over a six-year term. INTEC will provide subsea EPMS services on a call-off basis with specific requirements and tasks tailored for each project. INTEC received one of only three such agreements to support BP's worldwide portfolio of subsea developments.

This strategic award represents continuity of service to BP following INTEC's support to the Mardi Gras Transportation System in the Gulf of Mexico. This benchmark project has covered six years of service for oil and gas export facilities for BP's Mad Dog and Holstein spars, as well as their Atlantis and Thunder Horse semisubmersibles. The project featured record pipelay installation weights, water depth and riser diameters.

"We are very pleased to continue to support BP's challenging subsea requirements around the world," said Uri Nooteboom, INTEC Vice President for Field Development Projects and INTEC's sponsor for the agreement. "This important long-term relationship represents the opportunity to deliver continuous improvement in the design of BP's subsea systems and continuous opportunity for our worldwide staff."

INTEC is a leading engineering and project management company serving the international oil and gas industry with over 500 employees and offices in Houston, London, Delft, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and Mexico City. Its technical disciplines include offshore field development, offshore pipelines, marine production risers, subsea systems, and flow assurance and operability. INTEC is a Heerema Group company.