McObject Brings High Availability Data Management to the Ocean Floor

Hydril Company has chosen fault-tolerant eXtremeDB High Availability in-memory embedded database system from McObject and its remote procedure call implementation running on the QNX Neutrino realtime operating system (RTOS) for key data management and network communication roles in its new pressure control technology for oil and gas drilling.

In Hydril's new pressure control systems, eXtremeDB-HA resides within controllers, collecting real-time machine and environmental data used to manage undersea pressure control equipment and to optimize its safety and productivity. These databases are replicated within each controller to ensure availability in the event of application failure.

The entire pressure control system of database-enabled controllers is synched via eXtremeDB-HA utilizing a dual redundant network and a standby pod. In addition, the eXtremeDB Transaction Logging module provides an on-device data archiving feature for the undersea controllers in the event that archiving to the central enterprise database is interrupted.

This replication of vital system data, at multiple levels and with automatic fail-over, provides the highest degree of reliability for Hydril's mission-critical pressure control application, said Eric Milne, the company's chief engineer of electrical and software engineering.

eXtremeDB also plays a critical network communication role in Hydril's new technology. The database itself provides the core messaging system with its remote access interface, which enables controllers and software components to read from and write to eXtremeDB databases at every network node.

The QNX Neutrino RTOS's built-in networking underlies the eXtremeDB-based communication, providing a secure transport layer for inter-process data exchange.