Oil & Gas UK Responds to OILC Lifeboat Statement

"We are obviously aware that tests in the Norwegian sector have shown shortcomings in the performance of some free-fall lifeboats on offshore installations; however we believe that the comments made by the OILC today need to be seen in the correct context as UK operators have already taken action to address these issues," said Chris Allen, HSSE director with Oil & Gas UK.

"The problems identified were with a particular model of free-fall lifeboat not used on any offshore installation in the UK sector," he continued in a statement. "Nevertheless actions were initiated in consultation with HSE to demonstrate that all models and types of free-fall lifeboats used in the UK were fit-for-purpose. As a result operators have already strengthened or replaced lifeboats, or are actively working with manufacturers to identify potential improvements."

"It is important to point out that no lifeboat on any UK offshore installation is regarded as unsafe or unfit-for-purpose. Industry will continue to work closely with the HSE and the lifeboat manufacturers to ensure installation evacuation systems remain safe and effective."